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About Us

EAI Water was founded in 1986 by William Visconti and Fred Cohen.

Our Corona office, partnering with chemical blending facilities in both Northern and Southern California, has served: California, Arizona, Nevada, Washington, Idaho, Oregon, and Utah for 30+ years.

Our Philosophy

We believe managing water is a people business. As such, at EAI we put our people first. We are committed to hiring the best people, connecting their talents and passions with our mission, supporting them with first-class resources, and continually developing them to be the most credible water management resource available in their geographies.

In turn, our people put the customer first. They are committed to aligning EAI solutions and services to meet their customer's objectives, implementing a quality-based process to ensure continuous improvement and developing on-site personnel to sustain results.

Our mission is to be Leaders in Managing Water.

As Leaders, we are passionate about:

What we do.

EAI provides a full-range of water treatment solutions and technologies for managing non-potable and potable water systems. We provide industry leading on-site consulting and services that enable our customers to meet all of their water management objectives.

How we do it.

Our field representatives are highly-trained degreed engineers and chemists who follow our unique five-step process to managing water. They:

  • Facilitate the creation of a Water Management Team with facility personnel who have a vested interest in managing their water systems. By communicating the impact water systems have on a facilities' operating cost, productivity, people and the environment enables customers to clearly define their water management objectives.
  • Establish relevant metrics that measure performance toward these objectives and utilize diagnostic tools to analyze the current mechanical, operational and treatment aspects of all water systems.
  • Create a Water Management Plan using a customized combination of services, equipment and treatment to improve performance.
  • Equip and develop on-site personnel to achieve control and conformance to the Water Management Plan through training and progress reports.
  • Quantify and communicate results with the Water Management Team via an easy to understand Performance Dashboard.

Key Memberships & Partnerships

Association of Water Technologies
Cooling Technology Institute

Let’s work together...

At EAI, we believe Managing Water is a People Business.